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Facebook alone, not working for your business anymore?

By Katie Bullon
Monday, May 9, 2016

Facebook alone, not working for your business anymore?

We've all been there. We set up a business and used Facebook to get an immediate and very cost effective digital presence. This is great, and many businesses generate a huge amount of enquiries and revenue through Facebook.

Your following grows, as does your business offering, brand and activity.

Then, you get to a point where things start to get a little.....MESSY!

Your Facebook feed is longer than the biggest piece of string you can find, and you are inundated with enquiries from people asking for your pricing yet again.

This is when the time has come to take that step and invest in a website. Your very own digital platform, which you have full control of. That place you can officially set your pricing, share your successes and grow your audience. 

Did you know that SME businesses with a website generate on average 59% greater sales per year?

Did you also know that 95% of online searches are carried out on Google? You need to be there with an optimised website to be found over a competitor.

Building an effective online presence is easy when you know how. We offer cost effective, robust digital marketing solutions. Get in touch if you want to #TakeTheBullByTheHorns with us.

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