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Pay Monthly DIY Website Builders Can be Problematic for Businesses

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Pay Monthly” DIY Website Builders Can be Problematic for Businesses

Can we first make it very clear that we are not mentioning names of large web firms that you find on the Internet, nor are we telling you not to use them. 

We simply want to share the experience of one of our new clients (and this is not the first time we have seen this), who has joined us within the last few weeks and has come to work with us due to the difficulties they faced with their DIY website package.

Client Case Study

DIY Website Builder Feature

Our Clients Experience

No upfront fee, build the website yourself

Their website design was highly unprofessional and lacked consistency – you could tell it was built from a template.

Pay a monthly fee

For a very basic, non-mobile friendly 5 page website the client was paying £29.99/month. That’s £359.88/year, every year. So if the website was live for 3 years it would cost £1079.64!

In-house optimisation services

When the client signed up they were assured that they could make their website “search engine friendly”. In reality to optimise their website they had to send keywords to the call centre who would then optimise the website. This is fine in principal but they could only optimise a generic set of keywords for the whole website making an SEO strategy pointless. Therefore they could not expect to achieve improved Google rankings over time. The only people who would find their website in reality were the people who knew the website address or those who searched for their specific business name.

Call centre

Any problems encountered meant that the client had to call a high rate telephone number and speak with a US based operative who had no clue what their business was trying to achieve online.

Case notes were recorded after every call but it still seemed that when on-going communication was required the issues had to be re-explained to each new advisor who answered each individual call – frustrating or what?!


A pay monthly website package may be right for some businesses but we urge you to also consider more local businesses who can work on a personalized approach for you and also don’t cost the earth. 

You may pay slightly more upfront for a website but ongoing maintenance and hosting fees are greatly reduced meaning you will save money in the long run.

Plus, you get a professionally designed, search engine friendly, fully supported website from a local business that is on the end of a mobile phone or available to meet for a coffee whenever you need it! 

Why not let us give you a comparative quote?

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